Wildeck Automated Tote Lift

Wildeck® Automated Tote Lifts are an ideal solution for quickly and safely moving parts and material in totes, boxes, or carriers from one level to another.  What would typically take multiple trips up and down stairs can be accomplished with the push of a button.  The stackable self-contained modular design simplifies shipping and assembly.  Interlocking gates, call/send control stations, and safety enclosures are preassembled and prewired at the factory to reduce installation time.

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Product Specifications

Automated Tote Lift Specifications:

  • Lift Capacity: 50 to 75 lbs.
  • Lifting Speeds: 40 to 110 fpm (with ‘soft-start’ and ‘soft-stop’ motor control)
  • Load Sizes: Up to 2 ft.- 6 inches wide x 3 ft. long x 3 ft. high
  • Carriage Platform: An open framing system supports the carriage conveyor section
  • Loading / Unloading: “C” or “Z” loading patterns
  • Includes patented AutoSenz® M-Series Overload/VRC jam protection (U.S. Patent No. 7,408,317)
  • Carriage is guided between (4) four structural tube steel members that act as the frame for  the perimeter safety enclosure
  • Footprint: Approx. 3 ft. wide by 4 ft. long (not including control panels or in-feed and discharge conveyor sections)
  • Full height perimeter guarding is integral to the VRC system
  • Interlocked access door for cleaning and maintenance
  • Unit accesses a lower level and one or more stops above ground
  • Equipped with 3-phase TEFC brake-motors with a fast acting, spring-set electrical brake
  • Helical gear reducer transfers motion through a common drive shaft, sprockets, and dual-roller lifting chains
  • Unit is partially pre-wired to reduce installation time and cost. The main UL listed control panel is integrated into the machine. The standard control panel is rated NEMA 1 and is labeled UL-508A
  • System includes one section of in-feed conveyor, one section of carriage mounted conveyor, and one section of discharge conveyor
  • Conveyors are powered roller type. Horizontal speeds: 30 to 110 fpm.