Wholesale Food Conveyor

Case Study: Food Wholesaler

Wholesale Food ConveyorThe Need

An Atlanta-based major foods wholesaler desired a more efficient and cost-effective method of moving full pallets of food products from a cooler in one building to the shipping department in an adjacent building. Current product movement included the labor-intensive process of loading, unloading and transporting pallets via tractor-trailer truck. Additional challenges included a significant elevation change between buildings. Read more of our case study below.

The Industry/Company

This food wholesaler supplies products such as canned goods and water to national food chains including Publix and Krogers.

The Product/Solution

Conveyors & Drives’ provided a conveyor system including a heavy-duty continuous vertical lift designed to handle up to (5) pallets per minute. Continuously transporting pallets weighing up to 3,000 lbs, the vertical lift has (5) platforms. Prior to the lift, a feed conveyor automatically synchronizes pallet release to the lift. A final discharge conveyor efficiently conveys the pallets to the staging and shipping area of an adjacent building.

The Results

Conveyors & Drives automated the product transport from building to building which improved efficiency, freed up the tractor-trailers and saved the company money.