Trojan Battery Case Study

Case Study: Trojan Battery

The Need

Trojan Battery partnered with Conveyors & Drives to design and implement a conveyor system to move battery cases through various machines during the pre-acid fill assembly process. Space was very limited so tight radius curves were used to avoid columns and keep the line moving efficiently. Battery weight varied from empty plastic shells to 50 lbs. lead filled cases ready for acid filling and sealing.

The Industry/Company

Trojan Battery is the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries. Trojan Batteries are built to meet the complex requirements of today’s advancing applications for renewable energy, golf, heavy-duty truck, serial/scissor lift, floor machine, RV, and marine.

The Product/Solution

Conveyors & Drives installed Hytrol’s minimum pressure conveyors on close axle centers to maximize the system’s capacity and maintain Trojan’s throughput. 1.9” diameter rollers and heavy-duty UHMW guarding were used throughout the system for added strength in this abusive environment. Below is a direct quote from Modern Materials Handling Magazine.

The Results

Conveyors & Drives provided Trojan Battery with a conveyor system to use with their state of the art automation equipment, thus improving Trojan Battery’s efficiency at battery manufacturing. This new system increased Trojan’s battery production, reduced their manufacturing costs, and created additional shipping capacity.

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