Unibilt Overhead Trolley Conveyor Components and Replacement Parts

Unibilt Overhead Trolley Conveyor Components and Replacement Parts are available from our large Atlanta warehouse inventory.  Whether the need is for replacement conveyor chain, straight or curved track, spring take-up, caterpillar drive assembly, gear reducer, chain attachments, individual trolleys, etc., the part(s)  should be in stock available for immediate shipment.  Listed below is a partial list of the components and parts that are normally stocked in our Atlanta warehouse.


Product Specifications

Caterpillar Drive Units

HorsepowerConveyor Speed (FPM)Model NumberChain PullWeight (lbs.)
1/65P750N05ASOR750 lbs.335
1/217P750N17ASOR750 lbs.335
1-1/260P750N60ASOR750 lbs.335

Horizontal Turns and Vertical Curves

Horizontal TurnVertical CurveVertical Curve
RadiusDegreeModel No.Weight (Lbs.)Upper Model No.Lower Model No.Weight (Lbs.)

Track, Chain, Attachments & Miscellaneous

Part No.QuantityDescriptionWeight (lbs.)
1699720 ft.Straight Track4.5/Ft.
2020210 ft.Straight Track4.5/ft.
2782620 ft.Conveyor Chain3.8/Ft.
170951Chain Installation Gate12
205021Chain Inspection Gate12
212981Standard “H” Attachment0.5
210681Standard “H” Attachment Hardware0.05
169751Rigid “H” Attachment0.7
90321Load Bar Attachment (8″ Long)0.9
215171Spinner Attachment1
252101190 Degree Indexing Attachment1.8
200531Brush Type Manual Chain Oiler4
200581Brush Type Electro-Chain Oiler4
20015WS1Caterpillar Chain Assembly24
1150301Track Bar (NewFrame/New Drive) 48″ Long16
277631Back Up Bar12.5
200301Pair of Track Bars (Old Style Drive)17
200311Drive Sprocket with Shaft18.4
202521Take-Up Sprocket with Integral Bearing9
206341Gear Reducer 150:1 Ratio for 300 Lbs. Drive66
2010514-Wheel Hand Pushed Trolley4

Note: Complete Unibilt Overhead Trolley Conveyor Systems also available from our Warehouse Inventory including engineering assistance and systems design.

For help in determining the exact part or parts that you require, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-355-1511.