Unarco Cantilever Rack

UNARCO Cantilever Rack is designed to manage loads of varying length and proportion.  Product can be completely accessible from the front without any of the horizontal restrictions of traditional pallet rack.  The entire length of the cantilever rack may be used for storage.  For added flexibility, loads of differing lengths may be stored on the same cantilever rack and even at the same level. Unarco Cantilever Rack is the ideal solution for long or heavy items such as pipe storage, tubing storage or lumber storage.  Furniture rack, carpet rack or lumber rack perfectly store long products and allow product to be removed without damage due to excessive maneuvering around vertical or horizontal obstructions.

UNARCO’s welded one-piece column and cantilever base makes assembly a snap.  Tapered Cantilever arms are locked into the column in the down position before the entire system is lifted into the up position and installed in its storage location.  Store any length product on by moving arms and columns or easily converting a single-sided cantilever rack to a double-sided cantilever racking system.  Cantilever rack is designed for single and double sided column use.  Cantilever Rack columns are pre-punched on both sides for conversion from single-sided to double-sided cantilever layouts in case your warehouse storage needs change.


Product Specifications

General Features:

  •  Solid one-piece Cantilever column design
  •  Completely welded Cantilever base construction
  •  Wedge-type connectors, secure the Cantilever arms in place
  •  Free standing upright Cantilever columns up to 48′. No need to top tie which restricts maneuvering of furniture on upper locations
  •  Heavy gauge Cantilever arms securely hold the loads
  •  Cantilever base guide rails make for quick and easy operation of order picker

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