Stainless Steel Ball Transfer Tables

Stainless Steel Ball Tables are excellent for those applications where the ball transfers are subject to moisture and/or watery conditions.  They can be washed down on a regular schedule without fear of ball transfer units becoming rusty.  Ball transfers are available as standard with a stainless steel main ball, or may be equipped with a nylon main ball where the application may dictate.  Ball transfer tables are available in lengths from 12″ long up to 10′ long, and in widths from 12″ up to 72″ as standard.  Custom size tables are available for those special applications.

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Product Specifications
  • Conveyor Frame:  3-1/2″ x  1-1/2″ x  10 gauge type 304 stainless steel formed channel
  • Available Lengths:  12″ to 10′ in increments of 6″
  • Available Widths:  12″ wide  to 72 ” wide
  • Ball Transfers:  1″ diameter stainless steel main ball in stainless steel housing rated at 125 lbs.
  • Ball Transfer Centers:  2″,  3″,  4″,  6″
  • Optional Type 304 Stainless Steel Rigid Adjustable Supports Available
  • Optional 2-1/2″  x  1″  x  12  Gauge Type 304 Stainless Steel Formed Channel Available
  • Optional Ball Transfers:  1″ diameter nylon main ball in stainless steel housing

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