SpanTech TranSorter™ Sortation Conveyor

SpanTech TranSorter™ is where flexible, adaptable and affordable all comes together.  Designed specifically for high-flex distribution centers and supply chain applications, SpanTech’s game changing TranSorter brings revolutionary sorting capabilities in a highly affordable alternative to bulky high cost systems.  Its unique retractable-nose design lets you seamlessly and simultaneously sort wide ranges and sizes of merchandise and parcels from small ultra-lightweight polybags, to cartons weighing up to 50 lbs.  All in a small modular footprint form that quickly adapts for almost any configuration.

Realize Profit Boosting Benefits Almost Overnight:

  • Contactless sorting eliminates snags and fly-offs
  • 100% modular and prewired
  • Flexible configurations fit small footprint
  • Ultra low-maintenance; no lubrication required
  • Safe, low-noise and green at 24 volts
  • Fast installation in days, not weeks

The Ideal Solution For Common Sorting Applications:

  • End-of-line shipping
  • Goods-to-man order fulfillment
  • Returns processing
  • Inbound sortation

The Complete Customized Package:

The TranSorter comes fully equipped with our Routing Control System, ready to interface with your host computer,and its unique modular design lets us quickly create affordable custom solutions just for your applications.

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Product Specifications

General Specifications:

  • Two widths: 300mm (11.8”) and 600mm (23.6”)
  • Module Length: 1,500mm (59”)
  • Maximum Capacity: Up to 3,600 units/hour
  • Detection Photoeyes: Included
  • Scanners: Optional
  • Secondary Sort: Optional Tilt or Crossbelt
  • Air Requirement: For Tilt-tray option only
  • Power Requirement: 24-volt DC power supply included
  • Machine Control System: SpanTech ST-RCS

For more information on the SpanTech TranSorter, please call us at 1-877-355-1511.