SpanTech Topper Lift Plastic Chain Conveyor

SpanTech Topper Lift Plastic Chain Conveyor is a unique way to elevate or lower product from one elevation to another.  The Topper Lift uses a high-friction chain conveyor and conventional plain chain conveyor in combination; the upper high-friction chain drapes down and rides over the product on the lower transport conveyor acting as a moving top keeper, allowing the product to convey at angles up to as much 80 degrees either inclining or declining.

General Features:

  • The steep angles achievable with the topper lift result in a compact footprint.
  • Maintains product orientation
  • The thinner the product, the steeper the incline/decline angle

Product Specifications

For more information on SpanTech Topper Lift Conveyors, please call us at 1-877-355-1511.