SpanTech MaxiSpan Plastic Chain

SpanTech MaxiSpan Plastic Chain is a top choice for its product cooling capabilities. It’s 75 percent open design allows liquids and debris to fall through the chain meaning less downtime is spent on conveyor cleaning.  The open design also equals cost savings as it allows for less material to be used.  As with all of SpanTech’s chains, MaxiSpan can incorporate horizontal curves, inclines, declines and straight sections into one continuous conveyor, often eliminating the need for transfers.  Plus its modular design allows for individual sections of the chain to be opened, so service and maintenance are easy.  The all-plastic design also makes it a great choice for running through metal detectors.

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Product Specifications

General Features:

  • Chain Pitch:  1.97” (50 mm)
  • Chain Width:  From 8.24” (209.3 mm) to 48” (1219 mm) and beyond in 3.94” (100 mm) increments
  • Chain Weight:  1.3 lbs. per square foot
  • Chain Pin Material:  Plastic
  • Load carrying capacity:  25 lbs. per square foot
  • Available in materials resistant to most chemicals and constant temperatures ranging from -40°F (-40°C) to 220°F (104.4°C)

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