Southworth PalletPal Pallet Rotator/Pallet Inverter

Southworth PalletPal Pallet Rotator/Pallet Inverter is designed to invert pallet loads safely and quickly.  Advantages include: replace broken pallets without having to restack load, switch loads to in-house sanitized or premium leased pallets, transfer finished pallet loads to less expensive shipping skids or slip sheets, replace damaged goods at the bottom of a pallet load without having to totally restack the load.  Southworth’s Pallet Rotator/Inverter is a rugged but simple machine with the ability to handle pallet loads up to 48″ x 48″ x 84″ high weighing up to 4400 lbs.  The adjustable clamping mechanism easily secures the pallet load and rotates a full 180 degrees on a large anti-friction turret bearing to up-end the load.  Southworth’s PalletPal Pallet Rotator/Inverter is available in three different models depending on the application and the maximum size of the pallet load to be handled.

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Product Specifications

General Specifications:

  • Pallet Load Size:  Up to 48″ x 48″ x 84″ high
  • Pallet Load:  4400 Lbs. maximum
  • Motor:  3.2 HP 460 volts/3-phase/60 cycles (standard)
  • Controls:  5 button push button station mounted on stanchion (pre-wired to machine)
  • Control Voltage:  115 volts/1-phase/60 cycles
  • Rotation:  Full 180 degrees (may be stopped at any point)
  • Rotation Time:  Approximately 18 seconds for 180 degrees (clockwise), 15 seconds (counter clockwise)
  • Paint Color:  Southworth beige, (bevel toeguards & guard rails painted safety yellow)
  • Unit Weight:  Approximately 4400 lbs.
Model Capacity (lbs.) Maximum Clamp Opening Minimum Clamp Opening Maximum Load Size  W x D X H Appox. Shipping Weight
SR-44-60 4,400 60″ 30″ 48″ x 48″ x 60″ 3,800
SR-44-72 4,400 72″ 42″ 48″ x 48″ x 72″ 4,000
SR-44-84 4,400 84″ 54″ 48″ x 48″ x 84″ 4,400

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