Unarco Push back Rack

Unarco Push back Rack systems are available in structural or roll-formed frames.  Push Back rack systems work by placing pallet loads on a series of nesting carts fed forward by gravity on rigid structural steel rails.

UNARCO Push Back Rack carts nest together with a low profile to help save vertical space.

As a pallet is loaded from the front, it pushes the pallet behind it back one position. The front pallet is removed when unloading and the rear pallets automatically come forward to the front picking position. This allows for easily accessible Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) inventory management. Operators can store product from 2-5 pallets deep, with front-only loading from a single aisle.

Push Back Rack offers more versatile storage than Drive-In rack because each lane flows independently and vertical storage operates separately from lanes below. Multiple pick facings for a variety of SKUs can be stored and retrieved without disturbing other products above or below in a single-lane or double-lane format.

UNARCO’s Push Back Rack solution is extremely low profile. This allows you to store up to five pallets deep and still create more stocking space and clearance between levels.

UNARCO Push Back Rack carts can be painted different colors so that forklift drivers will know how many pallets are stored in a lane.

Flow is achieved by gravity moving the push back rack carts along the inclined rails which are adjustable vertically to control pitch. Welded structural steel carts make installation easy and four fully-sealed and lubricated wheels per cart provide years of durable flow. Each cart can be designed to hold up to 3,000 lbs.

Lift truck drivers never enter the rack. The first pallet rests on the top cart and the second pallet pushes that pallet back to rest on the second cart.

Additional pallets will rest on the nested carts below and the final pallet rests on the sturdy structural steel rails. As pallets are removed, each position behind flows forward gently until all product is finally brought to rest by rubber bumpers at the front of the system.

UNARCO can help design carts for special non-standard pallet support or products with typically weak pallets.  For more photos of Push Back Rack view UNARCO Push Back UNARCO’s Push Back systems work by putting pallet loads on a series of nesting carts. As a pallet is loaded from the front, it pushes the pallet behind it back one more position. When it is time to unload (LIFO), the font pallet is removed and the rear pallets come forward to the front picking position automatically.

The Push Back systems are available in Structural Steel or Roll-formed designs. Additionally, they are available in 2,3,4,5 and 6 deep configurations. The Lift truck drivers never enter the rack and the nesting carts require minimal vertical space. Also, product loads are always in picking position and no special pallets are required. The Push Back systems are suitable for coolers and freezers with temperatures as low as -30 degrees farenheit.

The benefits of a Push Back system includes better floor utilization, front loading only, automatic pallet placement to front position and its versatility as it has more pick faces.