Modula® Sintes1

Compact Automated Vertical Lift Module for Space Optimization

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The industrial vertical carousels Modula Sintes1 is the ideal storage for stocking and picking objects with reduced dimensions like electrical components, pharmaceuticals, small tools, optimizing the space available in-house, operating at a very high cycle speed.

Thanks to its height (starting at 2.6 m (8′-6″) up to 7.1 m (23’-4”)) the Modula Sintes1 allows you to save up to 90% of the occupied floor space thus adapting to industrial environments, shops, deposits, and small storage spaces. The industrial carousel Modula Sintes1 adapts perfectly to different work environments while responding to individual requirements and saving in terms of space and investments.

Vertical lift module Modula Sintes1 has a very high cycle speed (115 Cycles/hour) to process all picking and product search operations. Each storage tray is perfectly traceable. The operators increase efficiency working with an ergonomic, fast and functional system while being conscientious to the environment. All this without renouncing to the effectiveness of the most advanced storage systems.

The deposit in the Modula Sintes1 storage trays occurs through suitable storage cells with a tray storage adjustability increment of 25 mm between each tray store. Together with vertical modularity of the unit (available on 100 mm (3.94″) increments), the combination enables a higher number of trays to be stored within the machine’s structure, each of which can store a load up to 200 kg net. The individual storage trays are available with tray sidewall extensions as well as partitions and dividers to separate the products stored within and have maximum operating flexibility.

It is a new model of the vertical carousels Modula range which:

  • Is ideal for cramped spaces
  • Saves of up to 90% of the occupied floor space
  • Unit heights available from 2.6 m (8’-6”) to 7.1 m (23’-4”)
  • Unit height modularity on 100 mm (3.94”) increments
  • 2 available tray widths of 1,300 mm (51.18”) and 1,700 mm (66.93”) both with a usable tray depth of 654 mm (25.75”)
  • High productivity with over 115 cycles/hour
  • Minimum energy consumption thanks to 1.5 kW (2.0 Hp) lifting motor
  • Available recovery of over 40% of the energy used thanks to the Modula Green device
  • The unit capacity of 30,000 Kg. (66,000 Lbs.) GROSS
  • Storage tray load capacity of 200 Kg. (441 Lbs.) NET
  • Multiple available configurations of the picking bay based on individual requirements (internal or external picking bays, with either single-level or dual-level tray delivery)
  • Along with all the advantages of Modula’s aftersales service & support
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