Modula OnePick

An Automatic Bay That Doesn’t Require Operators.

Modula OnePick is an automatic vertical warehouse with a special picking bay equipped with a Cartesian robot moving along 2 axes (X & Y).

The bay is set at a predefined height so it integrates seamlessly with rollers, conveyors, belts and other systems completely autonomously.

Sophistication in Automation

OnePick is the system for stocking in the same warehouse boxes, bins, and containers with:

  • Different weights
  • Different volumes
  • Different sizes
  • Different dimensions

What it is and how it works

OnePick combined with a handling system allows the installation of an automatic vertical warehouse even in areas that are difficult to access, uncomfortable or far from where the goods are needed. OnePick’s operation is based on WMS software which, amongst other things, also maps the location of the tray containers. The gripper device is guided by this mapping and retrieves the requested items autonomously. This type of automatic transport system will then be able to convey the retrieved materials to another location, even if far away.

Like a Modula Lift, it:

  • Saves floor space
  • Stores items safely
  • Automatically manages inventory
  • Tracks items
  • Saves picking time
  • Prevents retrieval and delivery phase errors

Modula Lift is available in these models:

• MA & MA-D

• MC & MC-D

• MX & MX-D

• ML & ML-D


Product Brochures
Product Specifications
Unit heights from 130” to 634”
Unit height increments on 7.87″ (200 mm)
Tray storage adjustability 1.0″ (25 mm)
Tray widths from 73.23″ (1,860 mm) to 159.84″ (4,060 mm)
Tray depths 25.75” & 33.74”
Net tray payload capacities from 551 lbs (250 kg) to 2,200 lbs (990 kg)
Net unit load capacity up to 198,416 lbs
Gross unit load capacity up to 154,000 lbs (70,000 kg)
Maximum height of stored materials 14.17”
Throughput up to 60 trays/hr. (depending on the unit’s configuration)
Operator interface rugged 10.4” color touchscreen operator control console
Type of bays internal or external bay
Number of Bays up to 3 internal or external
Minimal energy consumption 4 Hp / 3kW vertical axis motor
Internal zinc-coated steel structure Internal zinc coated steel structure
Dynamic allocation of trays depending on specific materials height
The vertical axis is driven by 8 steel reinforced toothed belts
Extractor’s vertical guidance system with 4 HDPE wheels for each side
Automatic weight control at the intake of each tray