Modula® Vertical Lift Module

Modula® Vertical Lift Module has always been known as the most developed automatic storage system on the market.  Modula® Lift is certainly the diamond choice of the vertical shelving system modules available, able to store up to 154,000 lbs. of material while reducing floor space requirements by 90%.

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The new version of the vertical shelves Modula® Lift offers:

  • 4 possible combinations of picking bays: internal or external picking bays with either single-level or dual-level delivery.
  • Unit height modularity on 200 mm (7.87”) increments.
  • Tray storage adjustability provided on 25 mm (0.98”) increments.
  • High productivity with over 120 cycles/hour.
  • 4 available tray widths ranging between 1,900 mm (74.80”) and 4,100 mm (161.41”) with 2 available tray depths of 654 mm (25.75”) and 857 mm (33.74”).
  • Unit capacity of 70,000 Kg. (154,000 Lbs.) GROSS / 750 Kg. (1,650 Lbs.) NET per tray.
  • User-friendly (intuitive user software and color touch screen type interface).
  • The ability to install two or more units adjacent to each other.
  • Dedicated management software to meet any client’s needs.

We developed a series of educational documents called “System 101”.  The first in this series is “Modula vs. Static Shelving”. This piece discusses the benefits of freeing up valuable floor space for production by reducing 28 bays of static shelving into just one Modula System.

Product Brochures
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