Jervis B. Webb Unibeam Overhead Conveyor Systems

Jervis B. Webb’s rugged line of Unibeam Overhead Trolley Conveyors are the finest quality 3”,  4”,  6″  I-beam conveyors that use a rivetless chain available on the market. Unibeam conveyors are excellent for heavy-duty assembly line operations, manufacturing processing and paint finishing lines.  Over 90 years experience goes into every product that Webb manufactures.


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Product Specifications

Unibeam Quality Components Include:

  • Tracks made from C-1045 steel
  • Trolleys forged from carbon steel and held together with a rugged two-bolt connection
  • Traction Wheels made with retainer plate to contain wheels
  • Roller Turns made with high carbon I-beam track and sealed-for-life rollers
  • Drives that utilize rotary design and limit switch cut-off
  • Take-ups with travel greater than 8”
  • One piece oven expansion joints
  • Capacity 3″ Trolley:  200 Lbs., 400 Lbs. with Load Bar
  • Capacity 4″ Trolley:  400 Lbs., 800 Lbs. with Load Bar
  • Capacity 6″Trolley:  1200 Lbs., 2400 Lbs. with Load Bar

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