Hytrol Heavy-Duty Transfer Cart

Hytrol Heavy-Duty Transfer Cart is powered by a ¾ HP Eurodrive gearmotor.  Available overall lengths up to 10’ and overall widths to 59-1/4”.  Transfer cart is designed to handle loads up to 3000 lbs. and be equipped with whatever size and type conveyor the application dictates.  Cart is also designed to allow for a minimum elevation of 18-1/2” to top of rollers and equipped with four single flanged wheels to safely move load smoothly across the floor.

Advantages Include:

  • Safety bumpers on the leading edges designed to shut down the system at the slightest bump
  • Opportunities for more open aisle ways
  • Optional conveyor types also available
  • Can be used as a merge or sorter, if throughput allows
  • Tape switches on both sensor edge ends for safety
Product Specifications

For more information on Hytrol Heavy-Duty Transfer Car, please call us at 1-877-355-1511.