Hytrol ProSort SC1 & SC2 Horizontal Belt Sortation Conveyors

Hytrol ProSort SC1 & SC2 Horizontal Belt Sortation Conveyors are belt conveyors with a series of intergrated divert stations located at predetermined positions along the length of the conveyor.  Conveying on a belt for sorting provides a reliable and accurate method of tracking packages to their designated divert stations at a relativly high rate of speed. Take-away spurs may be either gravity skatewheel type or powered roller type slaved from the main sorter conveyor; spurs may be located on either one side or two sides of the conveyor.

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Product Specifications

General Specifications:

  • Frame:  6-1/2″ deep x 12 ga. powder coat painted formed steel channel frame.
  • Rollers: 1.9″ dia. x 16 ga. rollers with ABEC-1 bearings spaced 0n 6″ centers.
  • Overall Widths: 18″,   24″,   30″  &   36″
  • Belt Widths: 12″,      18″,  24″  &       30″
  • Sort Rates: Up to 80/minute (dependent of product size)
  • Belting: Interwoven Polyester 140 PIW rubber impregnated
  • Center Drive: With shaft-mounted gearmotor and variable speed controller
  • Motor: 230/460/3/60 TEFC (horsepower based on speed and length of conveyor)
  • Conveying Speed: Determined by application requirements (300 feet/minute maximum)
  • Diverts: Right hand, Left hand or Two-Sided available (not available on 18″ overall width)
  • Adjustable Floor Supports Available

Diverter Specifications:

  • Diverter Mechanism: Two banks of twin pivoting 3-1/8″ dia. wheels with urethane treads driven by 3/8″ dia. urethane belts.
  • Positioning Diverter: Diverter used at infeed of two-sided sorters to position packages for proper diverting
  • Drive: Slave driven from main belt conveyor
  • Air Requirements: Working pressure 60 p.s.i. free air consumption
  • Product Size:  6″ wide x 9″ long minimum
  • Capacity: 75 lbs. maximum product unit weight

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