Hytrol ProSort 121 & 131 (Small Item) High Speed Sortation Conveyor

Hytrol ProSort 121 & 131 (Small Item) High Speed Sortation Conveyors are designed for high speed sortation of products which may be too small to be sorted on conventional shoe sorters.  Small fragile items or groups of items can be sorted easily using the ProSort 121 & 131 conveyors.  Products are conveyed on high strength anodized aluminum slats, and at predetermined locations divert shoes move diagonally across the conveyor to safely sweep the product off onto a take-away line.

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Product Brochures
Product Specifications

General Specifications:

  • Frame: 14″ deep x 1-1/2″ 12 gauge formed steel frame powder coat painted medium green
  • Overall Widths: 26″,  32″,  38″  &  44″
  • Conveying Surface Width: 15″,  21″,  27″  &  33″
  • Right or Left Hand Diverts
  • Air Requirements:  60 p.s.i. free air consumption
  • Motor:  230/460/3/60/, HP based on speed and length requirements
  • Variable Speed Controller
  • Conveying Speed:  Up to 350 Feet/Minute (application determined)
  • Capacity: 25 lbs./foot of conveyor length (maximum unit load 50 lbs.)
  • High Sort Rate: Determined by item being sorted
  • Adjustable Floor Supports Available

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