Hytrol Model PLEZD Zoned Accumulating (EZLogic®) Plastic Chain Belt Conveyor

Hytrol Model PLEZD Zoned Accumulating Plastic Chain  Belt Conveyor is designed to handle skids, footed pallets, slip sheets and other types of unit loads not generally known to be conveyable on powered roller conveyor.  The PLEZD is equipped with Hytrol’s (EZLogic®) Zero Back Pressure Accumulation feature that all but eliminates the possibility of product contact and damage.  Unit loads up to 2000 lbs. are conveyed and accumulated with ease.  Belt widths from 30.1″ to 73′.6″ and accumulating zones up to 120″ available.

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Product Specifications

General Specifications:

  • Conveyor Frame:  1/4″ UHMW over steel bed channels mounted in 7-1/2″ x 7 gauge powder coat painted formed steel channels
  • Overall Frame Widths Available:  34″,  38″,  40″,  44″,  48″,  50″,  54″,  64″,  78″
  • Belt Widths Available:  30.1″,  33.4″,  36.8″,  40.2″,  43.5″,  46.8″,  50.2″,  60.2″,  73.6″
  • Conveyor Belt:  1″ pitch polypropylene plastic belt
  • Conveying Speed:  38 feet per minute (constant)
  • Accumulation Zone Lengths Available:  30″ up to 120″ in increments of 6″
  • Motor:  1/2 HP Gearmotor (up to 1-1/2 HP maximum) located at discharge end of each zone
  • Capacity:  Up to 2000 lbs. per zone
  • Optional Floor Supports Available