EXACTPick™ Horizontal Carousel

Automated Storage and Retrieval System for the Footwear and Apparel Industries

The EXACTPick™ Horizontal Carousel is an automated storage and retrieval system designed specifically for the footwear and apparel industries. With a 2-year or less return on investment, this low cost technology takes a new approach to the pick, pack and ship process, dramatically improving productivity and simplifying distribution.

This new product is specifically designed for the bulky, light weight items of the footwear and apparel industries and can contain up to 20 times the cube of a typical horizontal carousel, which automates at a cost per cube approaching conventional solutions. More importantly, the specifically designed equipment is matched with a new operating concept that simplifies the distribution center operation, eliminates many product touches and provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces size of distribution center 15% – 25%
  • Increases order picking productivity 3x – 6x
  • Requires less material handling equipment
  • Eliminates residuals and slotting
  • Scaleable for seasonal peaks and growths
  • Creates and maintains a competitive advantage
  • Simplifies distribution operations
  • Improves key performance indicators
  • Best ROI you will find for your equipment investments

The Operating Concept

Master cases are received into the distribution center through a typical process and are conveyed to the EXACTPick™ system. The system determines routing, ensuring balanced loading. Pick waves are received from the Warehouse Management System (WMS) in the usual manner and the EXACTPick™ software executes the picks by delivering the necessary cases to the pick location. Less than full case requirements are picked to exact quantities, eliminating residual case handling. Residual cases stay in their storage locations until cleaned out by upcoming waves of orders. Because very high pick rates for unit picking are supported by this technology, picking exact quantities is feasible.

The large-cube horizontal carousel system can support multiple order picking strategies. Full cases can be selected and placed onto conveyor belts or cases can be de-trashed at the pick face and items can be placed into totes or directly onto conveyors. Picking is not tied to fixed zones, which allows you to flex labor to capacity requirements.

EXACTPick™ is not tied to any sortation technology; multiple sortation methods may be used. In situations where unit sortation is required by the total rate, items would be inducted as usual. Where unit sortation is cost prohibitive based on the volume, other sortation systems like put-to-light can be used to sort the units into discrete orders.

The Lean and Green Solution

The EXACTPick™ solution provides lean and green benefits that reduce the lighting, the number of people and the number of fork trucks required, thus reducing energy requirements for the facility overall. This significantly decreases operating costs and contributes to an overall strategy for “going green”.