Dorner 3200 Series LPZ Heavy-Duty Incline Boxwall Cleated Belt Conveyor

Dorner 3200 Series LPZ Heavy-Duty Incline Boxwall Cleated Belt Conveyor also known as a sidewall cleated belt conveyor is ideal for conveying small parts that are difficult to convey as they could fall off of the sides of a standard cleated belt.  Sidewalls and cleats form pockets that contain product as it is being conveyed.  Can be configured for straight incline applications, or horizontal/incline applications, or a horizontal/incline/horizontal (“Z” configuration) applications.  Extruded Aluminum Frame projects the conveyor’s high-tech look, and includes two T-Slots on each side allowing for easy mounting of pre-engineered accessories.  Capacity up to 100 lbs. and belt speeds up to 275 feet per minute.

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Product Specifications

General Specification:

  • Conveyor Length Available:  From 4′  to  25 ‘
  • Belt Widths Available:  8″,  10″,  12″,  14″,  16″,  18″,  20″,  22″  &   24″
  • Matching Pocket Widths:  3″,  5″,  7″,  9″,  11″,  13″,  15″,  17″  &  19″
  • Conveyor Belt:  White urethane or natural urethane depending on cleat type
  • Cleat & Sidewall Heights Available:  30mm or 40mm high
  • Cleat Spacing:  Depending on application (2″ minimum)
  • Conveyor Frame:  3.81″ extruded aluminum with T-slots both sides for mounting guard rail and accessories
  • Fixed Angle of Incline Available:  25°,  30°,  45°  &  60°
  • Non-Reversing Drive:  Cleated Belt End Drive
  • Conveying Speed:  Up to 275 ft/min. (constant)
  • Conveyor Capacity: Up to 100 lbs. total load
  • V-Guided Belt & Pulleys:  Eliminates Belt Tracking Problems
  • Electricals:  1-Phase or 3-Phase (specify)

Optional Features:

  • Variable Speed Drive with Controller
  • Conveyor Supports
  • CE Models Optional

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