Dorner 1100 Series Miniature Powered Belt Conveyor

Dorner 1100 Series Miniature Powered Belt Conveyor is one of the smallest if not the smallest powered belt conveyor commercially available on the market today.  Its unique aluminum low profile conveyor frame (3/4″ high) allows for mounting in the tightest of places.  Available in belt widths from 1-3/4″ to 10″, and conveyor lengths from 10-5/8″ to 72″.  Excellent for conveying small lightweight products such as pharmaceuticals, medical items, electronic parts, etc.  Clean room “Class 100” certified for medical and pharmaceutical applications.  Available with a choice of any one of three (3) different FDA approved conveyor belts.  Also available with a choice of four (4) different drive packages all of which operate in reversing applications.  All Dorner 1100 Series conveyors (not including gearmotors and controllers) are CE approved.

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Product Specifications

General Specifications:

  • Conveyor Frame:  3/4″ high extruded aluminum
  • Belt Widths Available:  1-3/4″,  3-3/4″,  6″,  8″,  10″
  • Conveyor Lengths Available:  10-5/8″ to 72″ in 1/8″ increments
  • FDA Belt Options Available:  Low friction, medium friction, high friction
  • Conveying Speed:  Up to 70 feet per minute (constant speed)
  • Drive Packages:  Side mount end drive, bottom mount end drive, two (2) different underside drives
  • T-Slots in the Conveyor Frame for Quick Mounting of Accessories
  • Load Capacity:  15 lbs. distributed live load over entire length of conveyor
  • Guard Rails:  Choice of 1″ high UHMW, or 2″ high UHMW
  • Clean Room Class 100 Certified

Optional Equipment:

  • 5/16″ Nose Bar on one or both ends
  • Backlit LED Panel for product inspection and quality control 
  • Optional Variable Speed Drive Available

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