DirectPick™ Pick-to-Light System

Paperless Order Picking System Increases Speed and Accuracy

DirectPick™Pick-to-Light is a paperless order picking system that easily integrates with your existing distribution system and flow racks. Using small lights mounted on a rail, the system tells the operator what and how many to pick. When all items have been picked, the operator presses the button to indicate that the order is complete.

From order entry to replenishment, our pick-to-light system provides the flexibility you need to get products out the door fast. Configurable with an assortment of options, we’ll work closely with you to tailor the system to your needs.

Every aspect of the DirectPick™ Pick-to-Light System is designed to maximize your ROI, reducing expenses and increasing accuracy by 80% over paper-based systems.

  • Easy to learn and easy to use, operators can be productive within hours
  • Flexible DirectPick™material handling software modules that enhance planning, analysis and productivity
  • Individual order picking, batch picking, static and dynamic clustering of orders
  • Order picking strategies includes: pick and pass by zone; zone routing for automatic barcode scan diverts into zones that have picks while bypassing others; parallel picking with downstream consolidation; and mirrored pick lines for higher volume applications.

The DirectPick™Pick-to-Light System utilizes a variety of lighted modules in a number of configurations:

Bay Controller

The bay controller defines pick zone boundaries so there is never any confusion about where a picker’s zone begins and ends. The module indicates pick activity and order number, as well as custom order functions, such as splitting items between two shippers, changing a lot number or requesting replenishment. Local diagnostics and tests are also displayed. Bay controllers are available as a standard 12-digit display or as a vacuum florescent display, which has full scrolling capabilities when additional order information is required.

Digital Display

For fast moving items, DirectPick™indicates which items need picking by flashing its beacon as well as displaying the quantity to pick on the digital display. Modules can also handle functions at the item level, including shorts, replenishment requests and item splits. Digital displays are available in either a 4-digit or an 8-digit display when additional information or larger SKU counts are required.

For slower moving items, beacons are used together with the bay controller. The flashing beacon locates the item within the bay, while the bay controller displays the quantity to pick. Both the beacons and digital displays can be used to handle either one or two SKUs using an up/down light arrow configuration that can be lit in three different colors based on your preference.

Area Controller

For the slowest items in the pick line, the area controller is configured to show the order number and item location, as well as the quantity. The module also includes a function key and shorting buttons.
Exclusive PowerRail™ System

The DirectPick™Pick-to-Light System features our exclusive PowerRail™ using industry-standard communications protocols (CANBus). Snap-in modules are incredibly flexible, allowing you to add, delete or move any of the pick modules while the system is running and orders are under way. All connections are non-invasive and can be dynamically adjusted as SKU sizes or environments change.

Superior high-speed CANBus communications protocols provide many benefits, including immediate device acknowledgement. The system knows if any individual light fails and provides a backup process from the bay controller while alerts are sent to maintenance for a replacement.

The DirectPick™Pick-to-Light System is easy to install and maintain. There are no tools required and no wires to connect. Modules are simply snapped in and out of the PowerRail™, which supplies power and signal to the pick devices.