Best Conveyors Best/Flex PowerTrax Powered Tractor Drive For Expandable Conveyors

Best/Flex PowerTrax Powered Tractor Drive option takes the work out of moving expandable conveyors in and out of the trucks/trailers.  It makes loading and unloading trucks/trailers faster, easier and safer.  PowerTrax’s operation is as simple as pressing the control button and the unit pulls your conveyor into the truck/trailer; conversely, to retract the conveyor from the truck, simply press the alternate control button and PowerTrax will push the conveyor back out of the truck/trailer and onto the loading dock floor.

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SuperOptics Electronic Controls:
Gives BEST/Flex powered conveyors extra performance features to give you the ultimate in automated product flow control.

Labor Saving:
Allows you to electronically power your expandable conveyors in and out of trucks/trailers. Saves time, sweat and strain so fewer workers can accomplish more.

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