Rollaway 3/4″ Diameter x 20 Gauge Gravity Roller Conveyor

Rollaway 3/4″ Diameter x 20 Gauge Gravity Roller Conveyor is designed to convey lightweight items.  Sections are available in all galvanized steel construction, or in all-aluminum construction.  Roller centers as close as 1″ makes this conveyor excellent for conveying items with very small dimensions such as packages of DVDs, small boxes of nails, small paint cans, etc..  Available in 5′ and 10″ sections, and overall widths from 6″ to 19″.

(Click Here for Individual Rollers Ranging from 5/8″ to 8″ in Diameter)

Product Specifications

General Specifications:

  • Bed Frames:  2-1/2″ x  1″ x 12 gauge galvanized steel angle, or 2-1/2″ x  1″ x  1/8″ thick aluminum angle
  •  Overall Widths Available:  6″,  12″,  15″,  19″
  • Roller Center Choices:  1 inch  &  2 inches
  • Roller Choices:  3/4″ diameter x 20 gauge galvanized steel, or 3/4″ diameter x 20 gauge aluminum
  • Roller Axles:  1/4″ round steel spring-loaded
  • Rollers Set 1/8″ high Above The Top of The Frame
  • Optional Rollers Set 3/4″ Below The Top of The Frame
  • Roller Capacity:  Steel 30 lbs., aluminum 20 lbs.
  • Optional Non-Standard Length Sections Available
  • Optional Poly Roller Tubing Covers Available

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