Coated Rollers: Are they Necessary for your Application?

Many products conveyed on rollers need protection from marring, marking or scratching. Some of these typical product applications include; glass sheets, painted items, cast car rims and highly polished copper sheets. From products conveyed on non-powered gravity roller to powered roller, sleeve covered/coated rollers are available and are effective for such applications.

Sleeves and coatings are available in a variety of materials and durometers (degree of material hardness), and in a number of colors depending on the durometer.  There is an extended number of sleeves and coatings that are available. Any of our sales reps would be able to recommend what sleeve or coating to use for a particular application. It should be noted in most cases sleeve covered rollers are selected over coated rollers when applicable due to a much lower cost and greater availability.

Other solutions that a sleeve covered or coated rollers provide include the following:

  • increase the driving force of a roller
  • help keep the belt from being pulled sideways when products are pulled or slide off of the belt
  • reduce the impact on a product being dropped on roller
  • reduce the noise of a roller in operation

For more information on coated or sleeved covered rollers, or for assistance in selecting the coating or sleeved material required for a particular application, feel free to contact us at 404.355.1511. Our Roller Configurator is also available to help you find the best roller for your application.