Janie Dollar Retires from Conveyors & Drives

It is with mixed feelings but warm wishes that we announce the retirement of Janie Dollar, effective October 15th. Her time as Administration Manager for Conveyors & Drives has served as an integral part of C&D for almost 19 years.

Janie will always be remembered as a hard-working, committed and helpful person. And of course, for her love of dogs! Her vast contributions to C&D over the years will always be valued and remembered.

Janie looks forward to traveling with her husband, Lester and spending more time with her son, Jordan.

We are excited to announce Janie’s successor, Aaron Jones. Aaron has been training under Janie for the month of October and is ready to take on the role of Controller. His main responsibilities include overseeing all areas of Finance, Accounting and administrative functions with the accounting team.

Before joining Conveyors & Drives, Aaron served as the Controller for IQ Agency and for Mountain Express Oil Company. Aaron is familiar with wearing many hats including HR, IT, Internal Operations, and administrative functions.

Aaron graduated from the University of West Georgia with an MBA and a 4.0 GPA. In his spare time, Aaron loves to cook and has even attended Ursula’s Cooking School. His hobbies include traveling on the weekends and attending comedy shows when he can.

We wish Janie a rich and fun-filled retirement and congratulate Aaron on his new role!