Solution Spotlight: Electronics Distribution Company

The Need

photo 4
BestReach Rigid Belt Truck Loading Conveyor in stored position under the feeder conveyor.

This electronics distribution company was having issues with their worn out Best/Flex Gravity Truck Loading Conveyors. The conveyors were not conveying boxes into the trailer efficiently and it was becoming increasingly difficult for workers to manually pull the conveyors into place.

The Industry/Company

This company is one of the world’s largest wholesale distributors of technology products, services and solutions. Additionally, as a third party logistics provider, it enables resellers all over the world to support the technology needs of the end users.

The Product/Solution

Conveyors & Drives installed two BestReach Drive in Belt Loaders supplied by Best Conveyors. The conveyors are driven in and steered left/right with joystick controls at the operator end. The power belt brings the products to the loader in the trailer at a speed that matches the decline conveyor. Additional controls were integrated with the existing equipment on the decline to activate a pop-up stop when the loader was not present. A backup feature on the BestReach activates the pop-up when product backs up too far on the conveyor. This prevents the product from getting pushed off onto the ground and possibly damaged.

The Result

By replacing the worn out gravity skatewheel conveyors with BestReach Drive in Belt Loaders, the customer increased the throughput on these two lines dramatically and reduced the walking time needed to load a trailer. The robustness of the BestReach Belt Conveyor should provide years of service to the customer.

photo 2
Reach from your decline conveyor all the way into the nose of a standard 53 foot trailer.
photo 1
BestReach Rigid Belt Truck Loading Conveyor fully extended into the trailer. Herringbone transition centers packages on the conveyor.