VerbalPick™ Voice Picking System

Paperless Order Picking System That Increases Speed and Accuracy

VerbalPick™ Voice Picking is a paperless order picking system that improves performance and accuracy and provides a greater return on investment, whether your operation involves logistics, inventory management, manufacturing or returns processing.

Using our VerbalPick™ material handling software and Vocollect’s Voice-Directed Work™ solutions, our voice picking system enables a two-way dialogue between your warehouse management system and order pickers. This hands-free and task-focused solution is very simple for operators to learn; they listen and speak to the system as naturally as they talk to each other. In addition, it easily integrates with your existing distribution system and is flexible enough to grow and change right along with your operational needs.

Whether your operation involves logistics, inventory management, manufacturing or returns processing, our voice picking system allows you to:

  • Manage order picking assignments and product selections
  • Monitor the selection process in real time
  • Track and manage reported shorts as they occur
  • Reprioritize activities and manage emergency orders or behind-schedule deliveries
  • Measure the productivity of individual selectors and selector teams
  • Enable multiple-order “batch” selection
  • Run “dynamic zones” in operations with pick and pass selection
  • Reduce errors by up to 80% and improve accuracy up to 99.99%
  • Increase productivity by up to 35%
  • Achieve payback in 12 months or less
  • Bring new employees up to speed in half the time