Southworth ZLS Floor Height Lift Table

Southworth ZLS Floor Height Lift Tables are designed to allow pallets to be rolled onto and off of the lift with a standard hand pallet jack.  The flexible lip mounted across the open loading/unloading side of the lift ensures the pallet jack rolls easily on/off of the lift when lowered to floor height.  Elastomeric sensor integrated with the flexible lip prevents toe injuries.  Lift is available in three capacities: 2000 lbs., 4000 lbs. and 6000 lbs. respectively.

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Product Brochures
Product Specifications
Model Number Capacity In Lbs. Low Height Vertical Travel Standard Voltage Rise Time In Secs Standard H.P. Platform Size
ZLS2-35 2,000 3/8″ 35″ 115/1/60 45 Sec 1 50″ x 48″
ZLS4-35 4,000 3/8″ 35″ 115/1/60 48 Sec 1 50″ x 48″
ZLS6-34 6,000 1/2″ 34″ 115/1/60 63 Sec 1 50″ x 48″

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