Modula® WMS

Modula WMS, storage management software integrated you’re your company’s IT systems.

For the integrated management and control of Modula automatic storage systems, Modula has developed the Modula WMS supervisory software. The system is based on the Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 relational database. The interface was developed in Microsoft.Net environment. Based on supply configuration, it is possible to have different clients to have full multiple utility management of the vertical warehouse.

Adapting the software to different requirements, has been divided into separate individual software modules that may also be installed and activated subsequently. Starting from the free basic version, WMS Base already enabling complete management of the vertical storage system, and an initial integration with the company software system, based on a manual exchange of text file with fixed tracks. A number of different additional software modules to extend functionality can be added to this free basic version. One to enable advanced safety management limiting for example, access to the trays based on the user’s profile, and one enables automatic importing and exporting via ASCII file with the software system.

In addition to the basic version, there is the standard version which adds a series of functionalities to better manage the storage and for greater integration with the company software system. Already with the standard version, it is possible to manage advanced functionalities like batches, deadline dates, automatic combinations and much more.

With the standard version, it is possible to add a series of modules to be able to manage the manual storages with the eventual help of radiofrequency terminals, to add functionalities to the managing phase of the storage database or to the real and proper handling management.

It is also possible to install a new WEB module enabling storage consultation via the company intranet in order to avoid installing the software on one’s own workstation and avoid having to learn how to use it.

Using the potential of Microsoft SQL Server, all database backup and maintenance activities are automatic and do not require user supervision or entail storage stop. All windows can be customized by the user and the order, research and filtering of data potential can be used to speed-up all storage consultation activities. Simple graphic instruments allow quick management of the storage mapping, both during initial filling and during normal use.

In addition to pre-configured and standard reports, the program has advanced instruments for creating customized reports. The advanced storage management also allows having instruments created for improving the warehouse performances, like the possibility of managing the storage picking in “batch picking” mode, consolidating more pick-up orders and simultaneously reducing the possibility of error.

While managing manual areas it is also possible to manage internal advanced handling logics of the material, to enable having some dedicated stock areas and some intended for picking.

Modula WMS made-to-measure software is developed in accordance with the individual requirements of your storage and fully integrated with your company software systems and the company IT systems.

With Modula WMS you can manage:

  • Goods receipt
  • Production batch management
  • Identification of handling strategies
  • Order preparation
  • Inventory check and statistical analysis
  • Packing list
  • Radiofrequency (RF) management for manual areas
  • Management of other storages, even Manual
  • Receiving, shipment areas management, etc.
  • Management and control of goods flow