Modula® Cube

Conceived with the same modular technology of the Modula vertical storages, it has the features to adapt to every type of environment, to make the best use of space in applications with lower ceiling heights. The cared for design of this automatic cabinet favours its use, not only in the industrial sector but also in the retail sector.

The internal storage system of the Modula Cube consists of storage trays stacked in two columns for each module. The handling shuttle moves the trays vertically and horizontally through the opposing columns, and through the corridor at the base between each of the modules. The storage trays are made of galvanised steel with customizable partition and divider inserts that allow each tray to be divided into many small compartments to optimize storage.

The full traceability of goods and picking automatic management of this horizontal storage combine with ease of use for every type of operator. The control console consists of an ergonomic touch screen, designed to operate in industrial environments, and software also available si compatible with your company’s IT system.

It is possible to automatically or semi-automatically manage the automatic cabinet. In this case, the operator is always assisted in guided mode, thanks to the organization of the multiple window interface.

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