Maintenance Service

Conveyor and Drives Maintenance Service
Conveyors & Drives’ Maintenance Service
is available for all your immediate and preventive maintenance needs. Whether you need breakdowns repaired in a timely manner, or scheduled preventive maintenance, we provide cost effective solutions and experienced personnel to keep your system running as designed. Our Preventive Maintenance Service reduces equipment failure, extends equipment life and improves performance. Designed to help you protect your investment by preventing the failure of equipment before it actually occurs.

Our Preventive Maintenance Service offers the following:

  • Maintenance on regularly scheduled intervals
  • Inspection of all equipment for functionality and safety
  • Adjustment and tightening on all necessary parts
  • Lubrication of all drive chains and bearings
  • Removal of all debris from equipment
  • Inspection of electrical components and connections
  • Written service report on all service and repairs

For more information on Conveyor & Drives’ Maintenance Service, please contact us at 1-877-355-1511.