C&D Welcomes Virginia Weld to the Team

C&D is excited to announce the recent addition of Virginia (Gin) Weld to the condrives team. Gin started on January 8, 2018, as the new Sales Coordinator and has already proven to be a valuable asset to the company. In this role, she works closely with all inside sales reps, outside sales account managers and […]

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From production to supply, conveyors play a vital role in the productivity of many companies internationally. Whether an establishment is manufacturing car batteries, children’s toys or dinner rolls – they are likely to be using conveyors. Conveyors may be used to load/unload trucks, package trays of food or beverages or for assembly lines. No matter […]

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The Need: Norton Packaging partnered with Conveyors & Drives, Inc. to design and implement a conveyor system to safely move 5-gallon plastic pails through a very tight space and keeping an important forklift aisle clear. Space was very limited so a tight radius curve and slight elevation changes throughout were used to avoid existing conveyor […]

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C&D Adds Three New Members to the Team

C&D is excited to announce the recent addition of Jamie Peach, Tracy Laverdiere and James Kalra to the team. With the business growing, they are excited to see what the new team members have to offer. Jamie started on July 17, 2017, as a service technician. In this role, he is responsible for traveling to job sites to […]

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Eric Ragan Receives Promotion to Director of Sales

Conveyors & Drives, Inc. is proud to announce the recent promotion of Eric Ragan to Director of Sales. Eric started with Conveyors & Drives as a Sales Associate in 2009 and has served as Sales Manager since 2013. During his tenure, Eric has contributed to C&D’s growth by developing several key accounts, creating a very […]

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Solution Spotlight: Electronics Distribution Company

The Need This electronics distribution company was having issues with their worn out Best/Flex Gravity Truck Loading Conveyors. The conveyors were not conveying boxes into the trailer efficiently and it was becoming increasingly difficult for workers to manually pull the conveyors into place. The Industry/Company This company is one of the world’s largest wholesale distributors […]

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Kubota Manufacturing of America partnered with Conveyors & Drives, Inc

Solution Spotlight: Kubota Manufacturing

Kubota Manufacturing of America partnered with Conveyors & Drives, Inc. to design and implement a conveyor system to extend the assembly line through the crating process. Space was very limited and the conveyor system would have to handle crated and non-crated RTV’s at the same time. RTV weight was upwards of 3500 pounds and crates were up to 12 feet in length with various locations of cross boards on the bottom. Prior to the conveyor install, Kubota was shipping completed RTV’s to a satellite facility for final crating. Moving the crating process to the end of the assembly line would increase efficiencies in assembly.

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Craig Schuchardt

Craig Schuchardt Promoted to Vice President

Conveyors & Drives, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Craig Schuchardt to Vice President of Engineering. Craig joined Conveyors & Drive, Inc. in 1995 as a Project Manager after spending two years as a Design Engineer at Hytrol Conveyor Company. Most recently, Craig was the Manager of Systems Sales where he was responsible for managing the Systems’ business and directing the company’s MIS requirements.

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Chris Broadway

Chris Broadway Joins Conveyors & Drives, Inc.

Conveyors & Drives, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Chris Broadway to their growing business.  Chris joined the C&D team as an Outside Sales Associate where he is responsible for developing material handling product, service, and integrated solutions for new and existing customers.

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Wholesale Food Conveyor

Solution Spotlight: Food Wholesaler

An Atlanta-based major foods wholesaler desired a more efficient and cost effective method of moving full pallets of food product from a cooler in one building to the shipping department in an adjacent building. Current product movement included the labor intensive process of loading, unloading and transporting pallets via tractor-trailer truck. Additional challenges included a significant elevation change between buildings.

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Trojan Battery Case Study

Solution Spotlight: Trojan Battery

Trojan Battery partnered with Conveyors & Drives to design and implement a conveyor system to move battery cases through various machines during the pre-acid fill assembly process. Space was very limited so tight radius curves were used to avoid columns and keep the line moving efficiently. Battery weight varied from empty plastic shells to 50 lbs. lead filled cases ready for acid filling and sealing.

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